spaghetti time


DIY Sensory Substances (My social skills groups for young Autistic children love these activities)

  1. Slime (Glue/liquid starch)
  2. Glow in the Dark Slime (Borax/glue/glow paint)
  3. Cloud Dough (Flour/oil)
  4. Silly Putty (Clear glue/liquid starch)
  5. Moon Sand (Sand/corn starch)
  6. Goop (Cornstarch/water)
  7. Flubber (White glue/borax)
  8. GAK (Clear glue/borax)
  9. Floam (Borax/Glue/styrofoam)

Click here for more DIY sensory substances


With how spooky Weekend at Freddy’s is, I hope people are going back and looking at real life scary food mascots like the Showbiz Pizza Bear.

turtleseed is pretty alright tbh im gonna try and be over there for a while so if you want to see a bunch of clem i’m @disinfoagent

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okay so Mobile is not responding well to turtleseed damn..n

the dream is to move on to turtleseed but man invitations wtf